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Astilbes - any idea what few flower buds there are have mostly gone dried up and brown? They were magnificent last year as you can see on my photo page (a red one and a white one)The plants themselves look very healthy.



My thought is too dry? as they like cool moist summers though they will tolerate heat if mulched.

8 Jul, 2013


I'd guess at being too dry. I chose to plant them last year in the area that was flooded (sods law it hasn't since) and am having to water more as they were drooping.

8 Jul, 2013


They are almost pond marginals they like so much water. You sometimes see them planted as such in big garden. They must be planted in moisture retentive soil may need regular watering.

9 Jul, 2013


Thanks, I wondered if it was that but its been so wet here until this recent dry spell. I'll dig down a bit and see how far down its dry. Never had this problem before though

9 Jul, 2013


It has been exceptional lately, probably lack of water..mine is also in a shadier position,which they seem to prefer...according to the label ;o)

9 Jul, 2013


Hi Steragram,
In reply to the redwood burl I planted in the yard. When one buys a burl they are small and sit in a shallow bowl with water around them. The start to grow long green redwood stems or leaves, and when they get long enough and large enough you can plant them in a container in dirt, which is what I did. They then grew to about 3 ft. and it was time to plant in the ground. They are now at 5 ft. and growing into full size trees. The Redwoods in California are what the burls come from, and a person can buy them in California at some of the tourist spots along Hwy. 101 which runs the whole length of the state.
We can grow Redwood along the Oregon coast too, but they are not a common tree along our coast as they are in Northern California.
No I don't think they will be a Bonsai!

29 Jul, 2013

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