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The 3 standard Roses I paid £75 for were replaced by the Garden Centre when they kept reverting. Shoots all up the stems. Poor growth on the top.
I have fed them with Rose Fertiliser. The top growth was
much stronger this year. This week they are reverting
again. Its very disappointing.
I have cut the whole of the top growth off. Picked off
all the shoots up the stems. Now want to saw the stems off to let them grow into bushes, if thats what they want to do. How high from the root up the stems should I cut them ? They will have enough space to grow as
Bush Roses.



Diane where are they grafted, if they are top worked then the named variety will be at the top and the stem the rootstock.......

9 Jul, 2013


I'd have 'rubbed' out the shoots up the standard stem personally. often the top growth is as Pamg says grafted onto a rootstock stem.

They will be bushes but unless you know what the rootstock is you may end up with briar roses.

9 Jul, 2013


Thank you Pam and Sb. Thats what I find hard to understand.
The shoots that keep coming out of the stems are dark red, the named variety.
It seems as though the stems are taking all the goodness which should be going up into the top growth. The shoots coming from the roots are the named variety, not wild rose leaves.
Hopefully if I cut them down they will make more shoots
and eventually be bush roses.
It may be that only specific varieties are suitable for standardising, and this grower has budded the wrong ones
to sell them.
I just dont know.

11 Jul, 2013


Hi Diane, it does sound odd, what happens if you are more persistent than the rose and remove shoots as they come?
I think I'd only do one tree to see what happens, I'd be inclined to cut it hard back as its evidently a really strong root.......then wait and see
See what Seaburn says too, I think.......

11 Jul, 2013


Thats what I have been doing Pam.
Be easier for me to have them as shrubs, which is what I should have bought in the first place.

11 Jul, 2013


Hope it works out for you x

11 Jul, 2013

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