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Weed/plant ID please

This plant has appeared in the lawns of many of my customers this year. It spreads very rapidly and copes easily with weekly mowing . Looking from a distance a bit like a blue clover but obviously it isn't that as the leaves are very different

The flower head is 2.5 cm long and the leaves are 3 cm long.

When not mown it grows to 20-25cm tall




Looks like the start of the flowering head of Vipers Bugloss to me

Check this site out:

Whether you view it as a weed is up to you...

9 Jul, 2013


Not that I'm afraid. The leaves are wrong and it certainly doesn't grow as tall as they say in your link. Thanks for trying though.

I'm wondering if it's not a common weed but a plant that seeds freely?

I've done lots of google searcing on UK weeds and nothing similar shows up

9 Jul, 2013


Selfheal, Prunella vulgaris ????

9 Jul, 2013


On another forum somebody has suggested what it is and I think they're right but I'll see if GOYers can get it too.

9 Jul, 2013


Yes you're correct Andy! Thank you

I've never seen it in my lawns before but it has appeared in large clumps up to 60 cm in diameter .

I like the look of it but many of my customers don't so it will have to go

9 Jul, 2013


self heal?

9 Jul, 2013


yes Prunella vulgaris or common self heal. I have a pretty pink form in the rockery and there is a nice white one. so why the purple is reviled I'm not sure.

9 Jul, 2013



9 Jul, 2013


It is reviled because it kills off the grass by outgrowing it and then leaves big empty patches.

10 Jul, 2013


The bees absolutely love it so I always leave it to flower.

19 Mar, 2014

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