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is it better to leave early ripe fruit on the tree/bush to help the rest ripen or is this a myth?



If the fruit is ripe then harvest, it will not help later fruit to ripen. Given the heat we are all experiencing now fruit will ripen in any case.

9 Jul, 2013


many fruits produce a gas called ethene. this does help other fruit ripen. it is used commercially to bring fruit on ready for sale. green toms at the end of the season can be ripened by putting them in a paper bag with a ripe apple/banana.

A fruit bowl under a vase of flowers cause them to die quicker too.

9 Jul, 2013


However, in terms of leaving already ripened fruit on a bush or tree pick and eat!

9 Jul, 2013


oh yes sorry I agree with that. eat it while it is fresh. must go check my goosegogs mmmmm

10 Jul, 2013


thanks, I knew about the ethene gas thing, but I'd read about picking flowers on tomatoes and capsicums to stimulate growth and wondered if the same principle was true of ripe fruit....

10 Jul, 2013


I wouldn't remove the flowers on tomatoes and capsicums - how are the fruits going to form if you remove the flowers?

11 Jul, 2013

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