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Can you tell me what are the flowers in this pot it was a mixed bag of bulbs for a £1 I think the four leaf plant is called iron cross but don't know what the other flowers are and will any of them come again next year .




Denise(Drc )posted a photo of one like your Orange one yesterday,Kidsgran..Sparaxis..or Harlequin flower is her description..they are so pretty,aren't they? I don't know anymore about them,but someone will :o)

11 Jul, 2013


Yes they are Sparaxis tricolor (Harlequin Flower) I love them. They will come up next year but they need to be separated from the Oxalis Iron cross as they will be swamped by them.

11 Jul, 2013


The oxalis will spread. I've a pink version and a yellow version in my garden and they pop up everywhere.

12 Jul, 2013


Thank you all , always get the answers on goy if I hadn't asked would more than likely thrown them out end of flowering .

12 Jul, 2013

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