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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Viper's Bugloss. In a few weeks we hope to be having a special summer party, and I thought that incorporating blue Viper's Bugloss flowers, of which we have thousands, into ice cubes for the cool drinks might look pretty and festive. I know you can do this sort of thing with Borage flowers. I've had a moment of panic, though, does anyone know if I'm likely to be poisoning my guests?



according to this site they are edible

but be careful not to use the leaves

12 Jul, 2013


Oh, Catty, thank you! What a brilliant website. Actually, the leaves are so bristly, I doubt anyone COULD eat them.

12 Jul, 2013


Lovely idea. I once did a wedding where fresh strawberries served in ice bowls with fresh flowers in the ice. They had put the flowers in water pressed between two bowls which were put in the freezer. They must have had a big freezer as there were 15 tables of them. They were wonderful and unusual.

12 Jul, 2013


Oh, I've seen those - they look wonderful, but there's no way I'd have room in my freezer for that - it'll just have to be ice cubes!

12 Jul, 2013

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