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Roundup Application Question

Fars, Iran, Islamic Republic of Ir

Hello every body,
In my walnut/almond garden, I have a lot of weeds and thistles.
I want to know if it is safe to apply roundup to stop them and not hurt my trees?
Just under my trees there are a lot of weeds that compete with my trees. I want to spray them with roundup.

Will applying roundup to a dodder infected thistle kill both of them ?

Thank you very much.

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As long as there are no green parts to the trees you wish to spray round, they should be ok. The weed killer is absorbed by the green leaves, so no greenery, no absorption.

14 Jul, 2013


Thank you very much for the info.
I also would like to know how to prevent those seeds before start to growing ?
I read about dacthal, but it is carcinogenic and dangerous for human.


14 Jul, 2013


you need to remove the plants before they seed. once the seeds have spread all you can do safely is hoe them as they appear. as said earlier spraying roundup on bark wont affect the trees. the chemical is absorbed through leaves. spraying again towards the end of the growing season also makes sure the herbicide is taken down into any underground storage roots. this then helps kill the plant too.

14 Jul, 2013

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