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What is the best way to plan a rockery on flat ground?



On the top right of this page is a search box, put Rockery into that, it will take you to a list of all the times rockery is mentioned, maybe something on there will help, certainly there are some lovely rockeries

15 Jul, 2013


Or, even better, scroll down to the bottom of the page click on 'R' and then rockeries. You can create a rockery in a flat area - our garden was completely flat when we moved in. It now has raised beds at different levels for our rock plants. One thing I would advise against is a mound of earth with rocks stuck into it.

15 Jul, 2013


I agree Mg, they need to look natural so part of the rock is buried, almost terraced maybe

15 Jul, 2013


That is why the raised beds work Pamg you create terraces. In the wild there are no 'rock gardens' just areas where rock garden plants grow. I guess it is easier if you have actually seen them growing in the wild. Yes of course some of them grow out of rock faces but the majority grow in scree conditions with heck some of Bulba's blogs as I am to lazy, or busy, to blog :-)

15 Jul, 2013

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