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Here's one for all those real DIYers and engineers.
I want a bin for the occasional bonfire. I've had a galvanised bin before but after the first bonfire the galvanisation burnt off and after the first spot of rain the damn thing went rusty.
Due to work indoors I have an old copper hot water cylinder.
Do you think, if I cut the top off, it would be any good for a bonfire. I've looked up the melting point of copper, which is close to 1100℃, so I can't see that as a problem.
What about going too soft with the heat, bearing in mind that a fierce coal fire will not reach 800℃, at the centre.
Any thoughts anybody.
Many Thanks in anticipation



I had an old oil drum for years. Like a furnace, and yes, it was rusty from the start. Sort of fitted in with the more muted tones. It doesn't really matter how it looks, does it? Still strong, despite the rust

15 Jul, 2013


You'll need some air holes

15 Jul, 2013


Due to the all-time high of copper prices I would weigh it in and use the money to buy a brazier.

15 Jul, 2013


Good thinking, that man

16 Jul, 2013


Thanks everybody, sorry to be late in replying but the glorious beckons.
We have a simply rule in our house.
If it ain't raining we are outside.
Many thanks to you all, I think it is worth trying. If it fails it can be weighed in.
Regards SouthportSmith

17 Jul, 2013

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