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Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

i have a peony that hasn't flowered. Would it be because it isn't getting enough sun, should I move it later on in the year to somewhere more suitable ?



They don't like being planted too deeply, but like their rhyzomes or bulbs or whatever they are called, almost on the surface of the soil. They also grow in most situations, either sun or dappled shade. Tree peonies on the other hand like to be planted deeper.

15 Jul, 2013


As Cammomile says, herbaceous paeonies don't like being planted too deeply. When the foliage dies off in the autumn, the resting bud should be ABOVE the soil. If it isn't, immediately dig it up and replant at the correct level (don't leave it until the spring - that will be too late).
Give it a heavy feed in the spring, and it should flower for you

15 Jul, 2013


thank you for that. what would i do without this website

16 Jul, 2013

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