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Here are my yankie doodle dahlias in a pot..I grew them from seed I dont know anything about them so have a couple of questions...will I be able to collect seeds from them later and once they have flowered and died off is that it ? they don't come each year? thank you :)




Do they grow from tubers, if so you can keep them frost free for next year and take cuttings too, they will be like the parent, seeds are fun too, you never know quite what you will get

16 Jul, 2013


No Pamg I grew them from seed :) but I love them and want more

16 Jul, 2013


they will produce a tuber per plant so in the autumn bring them into a frost free place and let the tubers die back. I tend to lay them in their pots on their side. Then in the spring I repot them in fresh compost and get them growing again.

they may produce seed again but they may not be like these as they are a variety. But a wonderful voyage of discovery.

16 Jul, 2013


so, even though they were sown from seed they will produce a tuber? :)

17 Jul, 2013


Yes, Seaburn will know better than me but its how dahlias grow,

17 Jul, 2013


yes they do form a tuber. trust me I have done it :o)

17 Jul, 2013

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