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By Patbry

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me if I can grow "Crocosmia Lucifer " in a large pot/container, many thanks.



Yes you can and I do. I then place the pot in among the foliage of other plants in the border to get instant colour when I need it. every year I repot them into fresh compost. I have 5-10 corms in a 1 gallon pot.

16 Jul, 2013


I suspect that it will grow just about anywhere! It is a lovely thing, but it does need to be controlled! Don't let it seed is the key.

17 Jul, 2013


At least in pots you have total control....Lol. :)

17 Jul, 2013


I'm so glad I've found this - I needed to ask exactly the same question! Beautiful plant - mine have flowered for the first time this year and the colour is great. I'd like a whole bank of it.

26 Jul, 2013


Mine have sprinkled themselves through my border Gatt. and they look sensational.

26 Jul, 2013


Ah, Grandmage, but red wouldn't go with all the other things I've got in my borders, which is why I either give them a whole bank to themselves (I think it might be just a little too hot and dry for them, though) or keep them under control in pots. How far away from the original plant do they seed themselves? I have only ever spread them by digging up the bulbs and spreading them around.

26 Jul, 2013


Mine are very random Gatt. and I love the clashing colours in my border, pinks, reds, oranges etc. they look gorgeous. Maybe try some in the border and some in pots and see what happens?

27 Jul, 2013


My one and only proper border is all jade greens, lime greens, whites and very pale pinks. Nah - don't want reds with those, thank you, Grandmage! I've got another "sort of" border which I'm trying to plant with deep reds and purples, and lime greens - they might look good there, but it's not a particularly sunny spot. Waddya think? Hmmm?

27 Jul, 2013


Think they grow anywhere Gatt, they will look gorgeous with purple & lime!!

27 Jul, 2013


Well, that's That sorted! I shall vigorously shake the seedheads over the purple and lime bed when they are ready, and transplant the bulbs into big pots!

27 Jul, 2013


Nevr grown them from seed though....might take years to mature!! Maybe pop in a bulb or two into the border and see :)

28 Jul, 2013

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