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Would any bee enthusiast be able to ID this one please? Never seen it before, and only a single one. Lots of the usual bumble bees this year though.




its not a bee, but a fly of some sort. dont know which one off the top of my head though.

17 Jul, 2013


If no-one comes up with an answer try the Natural History Museum NaturePlus site

Take a look anyway - an easy way of wasting the odd half hour and be able to call it educational/research. Great if you have kids to occupy.

17 Jul, 2013


I've got a very good book which says it's chrysops caecutiens. Normally not far from water.

17 Jul, 2013


Thank you everyone who answered. I could spend ages looking through that Nat. Hist. nature site. Worthy, it does look a lot like the fly you mentioned (a Deer fly they say), but my fly didn't have coloured eyes, so still not 100% sure. I'm steering clear in case you are right, as it has a nasty bite.

17 Jul, 2013


It looks very like a horse fly. You're right to steer clear - the bite can be very nasty.

17 Jul, 2013

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