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By Jaykaty

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

HELP please. Can anyone identify this wasp/bee for me please. This one got caught in a spider's web and expired but all his friends are busy flying in and out a gap under the guttering above my back door which leads under the flat roof and are presumably making a nest. Are they friends or foe?

Bee_wasp_identification_001 Bee_wasp_identification_002



Looks like a wasp to me, it's not a bee. You may have to get them removed....

20 Jul, 2013


It is common wasp. They are very much a friend of gardeners, but not when nesting above the door. At the moment they are unlikely to bother you unless you pester them but, when the colder weather comes they get dopy and you are more likely to get stung. If they are going under guttering and into the roof space you may need to get profesional help.

20 Jul, 2013


Thank you Louisa and Bulba for your help and advice. I shall contact the 'exterminator'!

20 Jul, 2013


We had a wasps' nest in the cavity wall insulation just above our bathroom window, and they got into the bathroom via the airing cupboard. A bit scary! The council would not touch it because it was higher than 8 feet above ground (!) so we put up with it, but you will find a private contractor to do it (unless, of course, your council pays for better insurance than ours!) Fortunately, once a wasps' nest is abandoned, it is not revisited.

20 Jul, 2013


There are hand-held sprays that are very good at getting rid of wasps - I've used them often - never fails for me.

Wait 'till they've quietened down in the evening, creep up quietly, give it a good spray and run in the house as if the devil's after you.

I've never been stung yet doing this.

20 Jul, 2013


Melchisedec I have contacted a local exterminator and he will come on Monday for £40! I'm very pleased to hear that once they've gone they won't return.

Hank I appreciate your advice and if I was a bit braver I would take it but I'm one of those people who are allergic to bites/stings, the last time I got bitten (abroad) I had to be given a penicillin injection because my arm swelled up to balloon size, so I think I'd rather fork out the forty quid!

20 Jul, 2013


£40 seems quite reasonable, Jk, and well worth paying out to know that the job is properly done with no risk to yourself.
Hank, I normally deal with wasp nests myself, but above the door like this I would have second thoughts about it.

20 Jul, 2013


That sounds like an excellent solution, Jaykaty, and I agree with Bulbaholic that it seems very reasonable.

20 Jul, 2013


Sounds reasonable to me too, especially as you're allergic to stings!

20 Jul, 2013

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