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By Grandad

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

last year i went out into my garden every night for a week and i collected 536 snails. i put them into a bucket and disposed of them but i'm still overrun with them. i've tried beer traps, eggshells, gravel slug pellets all to no avail. Can't grow hostas, as soon as they shoot there eaten. any other suggestions



you must have somewere they can hole up in the day and somewere they can bread undisterbed, I surjest you disterb them and have a packet of salt with you,

5 Feb, 2010


A garden in Manchester kept records and caught over 250,000 in a year with no visible diminution in numbers.
Try the nematodes.
Clear up all places where they can hide during the day.
Spray all walls and stoney areas with Potassium permanganate (if you can still get it that is)
Grow things which they do not eat as much as Hostas.

5 Feb, 2010


This might sound a little off, but, put some hiding places for the snails around the yard and then during the day when they think they are safe, you go out and lift a board or something and collect them. Did you ever lift a saucer that a pot was in and find lots of snails and slugs? Same thing. Only this way you don't have to go out at night. Then every so often you change the location. It could also be your neighbors because they travel further than you think.

6 Feb, 2010

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