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By Johnp58

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Help please.....I purchased three lily regale bulbs from a very reputable sourse earlier this year. I planted them in a 15 inch container withplenty of grit for drainage. Two of the bulbs have produced beautiful flower heads but the third was obviously deseased and produced a stalk with a deformed head witch I have removed. My question is...will the 'deseased' bulb have contaminated the other two in the pot and should I wait till flowering is over, remove the poor bulb and replant the other two for next year? Should I wait for all foliage to die right back till I try replanting?



I have several flower heads on some of my lilies which have been eaten by something and look deformed. I think this might be whats happened to yours. I don't think it was lily beetle as I am quite vigilant about them.

21 Jul, 2013


We have several different lilies in the garden, including Lilium regal. I find that, quite often, one of a group will start out with a twisted flower head but, if left to develop, the flower will become 'normal' after a few days. I don't think that the bulb is necessarily diseased and that you should keep it. If it does the same next year leave the flower alone to develop fully.

21 Jul, 2013

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