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Help.....again..!!! Photo shows 2 more wildflowers I can't place - maybe more Californian ones? The first have buds very like fuschia but flowers are very different.




I think they're some sort of campion, genus caryophyllaceae), but upside down. I'm hunting through my books now.

21 Jul, 2013


Look up Clarkia concinna.

21 Jul, 2013


I got the genus wrong, didn't I?! Onagraceae, same as the willowherbs which are so common here.

21 Jul, 2013


Thank you Worthy1 - Am off to have a look. I thought I knew quite a lot about plants but I seem to be sadly mistaken....!!! Thank goodness for others who know a lot more.

21 Jul, 2013


Hi Worthy1 - The taller plants are indeed Clarkia - thank you for that - but the single pink/red 4 petal flower still eludes me. All similar flowers of this size seem to have 5 petals.

21 Jul, 2013


is the red one a flax?

23 Jul, 2013


Yes, definitely a flax, Seaburn (only a bit late in the day!).

23 Mar, 2014


I've grown both as annual flowers in the summer border. I love the clarkia in particular.

23 Mar, 2014

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