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I have started my peas of for the last few years in gutters.
With quite good success.
But last year and this year the peas have done OK kept watered and flowered and have peas.However almost overnight the leaves have yellowed and the plants looked dead.The pots on these have shriveled and the peas are dry.What is the problem a plot near me has the same problem can you help?



Hi, welcome to g o y, this sounds like a watering problem, have you been giving them a good watering, not just wetting the soil, you need to water long enough for the water to really penetrate the soil, if not the roots will not go deep, but sit near the surface because that's where the water is, then when the sun comes out, the water evaporates, and the plant has no water, try giving them a good soak about every other day in this hot weather, Derek.

21 Jul, 2013

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