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hello i have a problem in my veg garden 2 years ago i overdone the woodash i put to much on now the plants come through and die off i have done a soil test and all over the garden it is just on the edge of alkaline they tell me it should be half way to the acid side what i want to know is how to revert it back to acid. to be honest its heart breaking to see good rows of potatoes when moulded up just die off .



Hi, and welcome to g o y, soils can be anything from acid, alkaline, neutral or anywhere in between,I don't think you have altered the ph of your soil by putting too much potash on it, there must be some other problem if plants keep dieing off, have you been watering in the hot weather, giving them a good soak, not just wetting the soil, as potatoes are about 96% water, they need quite a lot of it, especially in hot, dry weather, try giving them a good soaking, see if this helps, Derek

21 Jul, 2013

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