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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Pentland Javeiln spuds

I've just emptied a large plant pot in which I'd tried to grow P. G. Potatoes. Below is the result - quite pleased !
Now how to cook them ? Boiling is best for these I'm told ? Or is it ?
the container is 300 x 225 ( or 12x9ins)




Yes I would say boilded (as freshly dugged as possible) with a little salt and mint in the water. Serve with butter....mmmmmm

22 Jul, 2013


Alternative would be to steam Hank... personally I would never add salt or mint to new potatoes as I want to taste the actual potato but - each to his own. If you do boil watch well, they will cook much more quickly than shop bought tatties.

22 Jul, 2013


Thanks for the replies, on the internet boiling times varied from 8 mins to 24, which fooled me completely. It'll be my son's job anyway and he's quite confident as usual.

22 Jul, 2013


Once water comes to the boil 8 mins max I'd say... It also depends on how many people you re cooking for.

22 Jul, 2013


The easiest thing to do is to stick the point of a knife into one when you think they might be done. If it's soft it's done, if its hard it isn't. As potatoes vary a bit I've found this is foolproof. And if you cook them all at once of course you should cut the bigger ones so they are all more or less the same size.

22 Jul, 2013


Thanks Sue and MG, simple isn't it when you know how.

22 Jul, 2013


Happy to help Hank

22 Jul, 2013


Well Hank, now you know how to cook potatoes you might end up in the kitchen all the time!

22 Jul, 2013


No thanks Sue, I'll see to the garden, house maintenance and the golf course, and my son is very welcome to the kitchen.

23 Jul, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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