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I am brilliant at growing leggy seedlings.I don't have a glass greenhouse and I have sowed some stocks a few days ago...already they have pushed through the soil and starting to look like they will be going the same way.I have them on a south facing conservatory shelf which I thought would be fine in July but obviously still not enough light.I live in west midlands uk and its very hot at the moment they would just fry outside woudnt they?Any ideas where to move them to before they get any worse? thankyou




looking at the picture it seems like you have blinds on the conservatory windows? The shoots will grow towards the light which will probably be the polycarbonate sheeting on your conservatory roof and as this is the strongest light source it will cause the plants to be leggy.

When they plant trees for wood they sometimes plant them very close together to block most of the light to the sides. This causes the trees to go for the light, they grow straight and tall, (leggy) and then they thin out some of the weaker trees to encourage them to fill out.

Regarding them frying in the heat, what plants are you trying to grow? It might be better to bring them out into the sun to get more light. You could always use some material to diffuse the light or place them in indirect sunlight outside.

22 Jul, 2013


thank you Myron this has helped a lot :)

22 Jul, 2013

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