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CAN anyone tell me the best way to deal with cabbage fly I am growing them in pots



Have you tried putting a piece of square thin matting about 3or4 inches with a hole in the centre and a slit out to the side and put it around the stem

22 Jul, 2013


Thanks very much will give it a try

23 Jul, 2013


Thanks I Will give it a try

23 Jul, 2013


Snoopdog I have not heard that before myself, so I will also give it a try, thanks

23 Jul, 2013


Haha quite agree the fly is not very tasty what kind of lime,do you use and can you get it at a garden centre thanks to everyone who sent comments its the first time I have tried cabbage it was looking good till the holes appeared and some of the leaves started disappearing

23 Jul, 2013


Thanks for your comments the reason I thought it was that I looked under the leaves and found a greenish sort of fly on some

24 Jul, 2013


Haha thanks for your comment I have sprayed them with soapy water so I will see if that helps

25 Jul, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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