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By Hank

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Tomatoes - I shan't do that again.

I was advised to save the best tomatoes off my best plants and collect the seeds to produce even better plants next year.
I did this and went very carefully through the process to prepare the seeds.
Sadly my plants this year are not nearly as good as those I've had in the past. Smaller plants, not as many trusses, not as large Toms and thus.not as many toms.
That'll teach me to stick to the basics in future.



They were probably originally F1 hybrid seeds.

25 Jul, 2013


Thats the thing collecting your own seed, its an adventure as they can all turn out good, bad or indifferent
Its fun if you are not expecting perfect results......I,ve been waiting years to see how my magnolia tree will turn out....

25 Jul, 2013


and you may have struck lucky after all that's how we get new hybrids etc. so don't give up trying things.

25 Jul, 2013


Well, the Granny Smith Apple was discovered because someone just planted an apple pip.

25 Jul, 2013


Thanks for the replies. They were Gardener's Delight, Sun Baby, Alicante and Marmande. Dunno if they're F1 hybrids. And all 4 are poor.

25 Jul, 2013

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