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By Pelican

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My beech tree 6feet tall in a large planter, is covered in white fly, has been sprayed with correct insecticide and also gone over with washing up liquid by hand, every leaf, seems to be almost dying back, please help if you can.



Hi Pelican and welcome to GoY. Are you keeping it well watered in this hot weather?

25 Jul, 2013


Did you do what you did when the tree was in shade?

25 Jul, 2013


Thank you for answering, yes to both questions, I did wonder if the white fly was in the buds over winter because as soon as the leaves started to open, the white fly was there, there was also a small caterpillar, haven't seen those in the last few days, maybe I got them all!

26 Jul, 2013


I think a lot of trees and shrubs are struggling in the heat and dry air, especially those in pots
I once had a beech hedge and it was always covered in whitefly in the summer
Was it a systemic insecticide, that usually sees them off for a while

26 Jul, 2013

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