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Could anyone tell me what this problem is


By Sirwolf

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Cape Goosebery desease? Could anyone tell me what this problem is. I am trying to grow Cape Gooseberry plant for the first time this year. They are growing well in my Greenhouse apart from the fact that a discouloration (see photo) appears on the leaves which gradually then die off. The desease (if thats what it is) spreads to the other leaves on the plant quite steadily. I have tried cutting all of the affected leaves off, but the decease has started to come back. It has not affected my tomato plants which are growing next to the Cape Gooseberry plants.
Any advice would be welcomed.




Could the leaves have been splashed with water and scorched by the sun?

25 Jul, 2013


I don't think so, I normally water at the bottom, on the occasions when I spray the whole plant with water I make sure it is in the evening when the Sun is well down. Thanks for the idea though.

25 Jul, 2013


I lost all my single stemmed 15 year old Gooseberry Bushes with Sawfly attack which came back every year. There is now treatment for this.

26 Jul, 2013

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