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I recently planted a Potato Vine and also a clematis on trellis. During the hot weather I watered them both when the sun was elsewhere and plants were in shade. However it appears that they are both waterlogged, so yesterday I took them out of the pots and replanted in fresh compost/grit/bonemeal. Potato Vine very unhappy and shedding leaves. Clematis I think will recover what can I do to help the Potato Vine recover?



were they planted into an ornamental pot? does it have drainage holes? if not then yes it would get waterlogged. ease back on its water for a day or too and see if they plant shows signs of recovery. I'd also prune it back by half to encourage new shoots to grow. both plants would be better planted directly into the ground if you could.

25 Jul, 2013


Yes it is in an ornamental pot with drainage holes and clinkers in base, also on feet! Thank you for your help. I was thinking of pruning it back to help it. It is not possible to plant in ground.

Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.

27 Jul, 2013

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