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We have a sweat pea plant that was previously in our aunt's garden ,it grew wild tangled in a hedge and did very well. Since we replanted it in our garden it grows well but there is no fragrance coming from them, what am I doing wrong. Many thanks Mick



is it a perennial pea? they don't have scent. the fragrant ones are the annual sweet peas.

25 Jul, 2013


thx seaburngirl........ I didn't know that about the perennial sweet peas. We have planted annuals this year and the lighter colours smell wonderful, but the darker colours have no scent at all [all annuals] so it looks like you have to be careful when buying.

26 Jul, 2013


yes some sweet peas are bred for their colours and others for their scent. some of the older varieties have better scent than some of the newer showier flowers.

26 Jul, 2013

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