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I spent so much money and time on my baskets this year, generally they are doing well with the exception of some of the lobellia the leaves are going yellow and it seems to be dying back. HELP what can I do to take it out would ruin the baskets. I feed and water regularly !



Could it be over watering?
Or the heat if they are in full sun....
Could you take a basket down and have a look what is going on,

26 Jul, 2013


trim the lobelia back and new greener growth should develop. they are short lived and this heat wont be helping.

26 Jul, 2013


Same is happening to my Lobelia this year. Every year I find they go over before the other flowers and I trim them back and a bit more grows as SBG says, but never this early! I put it down to the sun as I dont think baskets can really be over watered with annuals in them?

26 Jul, 2013


Many Thanks to all that have replied, HOT weather then !

27 Jul, 2013

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