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Dear All, I have moss in my lawn can anyone help please



lawrn sand or it's equal. end of march or april depending on the weather.should feed it then but lawrn sand is surposed to do that aswell.

6 Feb, 2010


use a fine tined rake and give it a good going over to remove alot of the moss. If you can, spike it to improve the drainage then treat with the sort of feed and weed type grass preps for treating moss.
keep the raked up stuff for lining hanging baskets etc. It wont be a quick fix. and when you use a moss killer every mossy thing goes black, very disturbing.

we have a lot of moss and the 'lawn' always looks nice and green, we even get stripes on it too

6 Feb, 2010


I agree with raking it out, a great calorie burner too !

6 Feb, 2010


is that why hubby leaves it to me then :o)

6 Feb, 2010


I have a terrible moss problem with my lawns. I have had several expensive "specialists" to treat it but it always comes back. This just proves that treating the moss without altering the conditions that caused it is a waste of time - apart from the workout that is! I still rake it year after year though .........

6 Feb, 2010


I offer to rake my neighbours lawn every spring just to get the moss, its brill. for hanging baskets ! :o))

6 Feb, 2010


if your lawn is shady and does not get much sun dig it up .the moss will come back whatever you do

6 Feb, 2010


i said about digging it up to my hubby and he said no as i have enough borders :o(
he then said we could and then use it for hard standing for the cars. i said no then :o)

the thing is the moss is green and it does look pretty.

6 Feb, 2010


Agree with the answers given and would add depends on size of your lawn.
For small areas a hand lawn rake is fine and good exercise but for larger areas life is far too short surely ?

I use an electric scarifier that removes more moss in one go than could ever hope to rake out manually.

Certainly its a symptom of poor drainage and impractical to treat underlying symptoms over large areas if your garden slopes and water pools and collects in certain spots a soakaway helps.

As Fezzy says if its small enough it can be dug up.I work as a gardener and a customer was insistent they wanted a lawn despite the present one having no grass just impacted with moss.

I removed the turf put down shingle then a weed membrane topsoil then turfed - grass only requires a few inches of soil to root in it improved drainage and prevented weed growth.As I say only recommended for small lawns as quite some work .

7 Feb, 2010

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