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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

PEACH TREE HELP. A friend has a peach tree that he has only just received from an order, on unpacking it he found the leaves have a black sort of sooty layer on the leaves, after wiping it off, the leaves seem ok no sign of anything else. What could it be?



It could be anything, and it's probably not detrimental to the plant as it seemed to wipe away with no harm to the tree. If you are still concerned, then perhaps you should contact the supplier and ask them what it could be.

26 Jul, 2013


Yes Myron you are quite right I have suggested he contact the suppliers, but he didn't want to do this if it turned out there was a solution. Maybe I will tell him to contact the suppliers now. Thanks.

26 Jul, 2013


The way I see it chino is if your friend had ordered a car, a sofa or new carpet, etc, and it was covered with some kind of contaminant when it arrived I'm sure he would have complained to whoever he purchased it from? Just because it's only a plant doesn't make any difference, they are still covered by consumer rights and they should complain. As I said, it might be as simple as something like charcoal dust or something like that and it would be a good idea for them to contact the supplier and let them know. They might tell them what it is. It would be interesting to know.

26 Jul, 2013


I bet it was sooty mould, which forms on the honeydew excreted by aphids. The sooty mould only becomes a problem when it is so thick it stops light getting to the leaf and prevents photosynthesis. It wipes off easily. More important is the possible presence of aphids, probably on the new growth. Pay attention to the tree's general health and all will be well.

27 Jul, 2013


I have looked at the tree today and it looks better since he gave it hosing down, I looked under the leaves and there is no sign of aphids Worthy, so maybe Myron is right, could be just some sort of dust. Even so you'd have thought the seller would have cleaned it up before mailing. Thanks to you both.

27 Jul, 2013

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