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My crocosmia, which has flowered abundantly for the last five years, has only four flowers this year. It is annoying, because this year I made a point of feeding it once a week and watering it every day, hoping I would have a spectacular show this year. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong? (All my neighbours' front gardens seem to be full of crocosmia, covered in flowers...). Could it be that I need to transplant it into a bigger pot? It has been in the same pot since I first got it. I shall be grateful for any suggestions



What have you been feeding it on? With bulbs you normally wait until they have flowered and then feed with half strength liquid tomato feed until the foliage dies down. Also if has been in same pot since you bought and you have not been refreshing the compost then that might be the problem too.

27 Jul, 2013


yes, think that you should repot into a larger one, fresh soil, compost etc. ours are usually good, but I never feed them with anything. In their native country they grow wild, so maybe they can deal with poor soil/not feeding.You may just have been feeding the foliage.

27 Jul, 2013


Moving to a bigger pot might be a good time to thin out the bulbs a little too, as they do get very crowded over time. They make a series of bulbs one on top of another and you can discard some of the older ones at the end of the chain.

27 Jul, 2013


Amazing how some bulbs do that isn't it Stera... we were unpotting a repotting bulbs today and some of them had done this - senior moment can't remember which one!

27 Jul, 2013


Sure is. But the whole plant thing is amazing when you stop to think about it.

27 Jul, 2013


I so agree... Frit's not only producing seed but 'rice' babies!

27 Jul, 2013



28 Jul, 2013


Thank you, everyone. I guess the pot is a bit tiny now, and I think I probably was just feeding the leaves, and the compost in the pot hasn't been refreshed for some years... It is a miracle that it flowered at all! I shall take your advice and hope for great things next year.

29 Jul, 2013

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