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I have a problem with my geraniums. Every summer I plant geraniums in the same window box, and they are fine. This year the leaves have all been partly eaten. I cannot see anything on the plants which might have done this. Some of the 'young' flowers have also been chewed (at the stage between bud and full flower). Does anyone know what is doing this, and how I can stop it?



Di you change the soil? Weevil grubs love compost and maybe that is what has been eating your plants.

27 Jul, 2013


Weevil grubs usually go for the roots though - and the adult weevils for the leaves. I don't know if the eat geraniums though.

27 Jul, 2013


The blighters are eating my lily leaves - I caught them at it. The lily beetle have left them alone this year.

27 Jul, 2013


vine weevil will eat most things. It could also be slugs/snails.

27 Jul, 2013

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