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What are these growing on my grow bag of

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27 Jul, 2013


The fruits of the potatoes, which, unlike tomatoes, are poisonous... Google solanum

27 Jul, 2013


We've never bothered to remove them from our potatoes planted in the ground nor have we seen any reduction in crop.

28 Jul, 2013


certainly the fruit of the potato. and very poisonous as previously said. Toms and potatoes are in the same family hence their similar flower and fruit shape and their susceptibility to blight.

28 Jul, 2013


Snoop, if, like us, you have rows and rows of tatties then removing the fruits means treading down the carefully built up ridges.

28 Jul, 2013


We don't seem to have any fruits on our tatties at present but in some years there are a lot. Given this has been a hotter drier July I wonder if it is to do with the spring weather - which as we all know was abysmal this year! Big thing as we both know Snoop is not to eat them, Sbowsid - think deadly nightshade which is the same family.

29 Jul, 2013

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