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Wildflower IDs please
I took the notion to take a walk along the river this evening - fully intent on taking many pictures. I'm a city girl and my knowledge of wildflowers is totally shocking!
I barely got 100 yds and the battery on the camera died!!
Anyway 2 ids please.

Dscf6347 Dscf6349_001



first one is at the back of my mind related to henbit. and the second one is vetch.

27 Jul, 2013


top one looks like Stachys palustris [marsh woundwort], but with out looking at all the leaves could be one of several others.
the bottom one is def a vetch possibly tufted vetch

28 Jul, 2013


Sbg, reckon that's spot on. Tufted vetch has very fine leaflets. The woundwort is paler than the others, and the tiny leaf we can just see is of the right proportions

28 Jul, 2013


I do like the British natives or wildflowers and have done since I was extremely small [3 +]. It was partly the reason I became a botanist. I still take my guide with me when I go out.

28 Jul, 2013


Thanks all, I did think the top one was some sort of Lamium, on checking, it does belong to the Lamiaceae family. I'm getting better ;)

28 Jul, 2013


It never stops. A bottomless/endless journey. That's the wonder of it.

29 Jul, 2013

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