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By Mace

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a very old Prunus Amanogawa (approx.35 years) It has given us many years of pleasure but over the past 4 years seems to be struggling and the branches have splayed out but it still flowers ! However, I continually have to cut off the new shoots from the bottom as they are always covered in aphids & if I don't cut them off it spreads up the tree. Have tried spraying over the years but without success.
I intended to cut it back to less than half it's size but thought I would seek advise from others. I know it doesn't owe us anything but it will be sad to take it out completely. I am assuming it's had it day !! How long do they normally live?



Ornamental cherries often don't live as long as species and forms on their own rootstock (I know, someone will say they've got one 500 years old, but I said OFTEN). I've got P. 'Amanogawa' 25ft tall and 23 years old, still holding its form, but some do collapse. A summer prune is the only method, and over two or even three years, just to bring it back to shape and size.
Severe winter pruning can expose the tree to fungal infection (fireblight), but I have seen it done with success. Be prepared for the tree to go into decline, just in case

28 Jul, 2013


Many thanks.
Should I leave it until next year and prune just after it has flowered, or, do you think I could make a start now with taking off some of the height and some of the straggling branches.
I accept that it may go into decline but feel I don't have much choice.

4 Aug, 2013

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