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This plant appeared approx 3 years ago and is situated in a pot under the car porch of my back yard. Every year it flowers and is approx 6 ft tall. We plant about 8 hanging baskets every year but none contain lillies. what is this called and is it unusual.




Difficult to id the lily until the flowers actually open, do the petals reflex and does the lily have any scent?

28 Jul, 2013


the flowers have now opened and they are very large with yellow inserts - they do not seem to have a fragrance

28 Jul, 2013


Could you take another photo Cory...

28 Jul, 2013


I wonder how you get them to just appear in your plant pot? You lucky person!

28 Jul, 2013


I have no idea where or how they came to grow in this pot but it is rather striking in full bloom

30 Jul, 2013

2 Aug, 2013


Sorry link doesn't work when I copy and paste - you could add the photo to this question

2 Aug, 2013

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