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I have got some rose seeds (From the seed swap on my site) and want some advise on when to plant, type of soil etc as I have never grown them before and don't want to waste them!
They are foil packed from a commercial seed supplier (updated)
Thanks guys.

On plant Rosa chinensis Asked from the GoYpedia roses page



congrats. they are easy to grow. plant any time now and keeo slightly warm/moist. do you know which rose it is? if they are from a hybrid rose then they wont come true. but if it is a true species they will come true.

they mostly need sun though some are shade tolerent. they are greedy plants so lots of feed.
keep us posted as to how they do Ian.

6 Feb, 2010


Hi SBG and thank you, I have got off my rear now and gone and fetched the packet. I can tell you that they are:
Rosa Chinensis (Angel rose) A miniature from Park seeds (Colchester) if this helps?

6 Feb, 2010


this sounds like the species they use to graft hybrids onto. for its vigorous rootstock, so it should come true. lucky boy. Is holly going to help as she is a proper little angel.
as the name suggests it is originally from china. with pinky red flowers. :o)

6 Feb, 2010


Thanks SBG, Holly has demanded (and got!) her own little plot on my allotment now. Although her attempts to grow bananas might not be successful she certainly has the gardening bug. I will give her some of these seeds to grow on and she can care for them as well.
Thanks for your help and I'll get some photos as soon as I can.

7 Feb, 2010


excellent ian.

7 Feb, 2010



7 Feb, 2010

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