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By Taz

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

as anyone ever divided a euphorbia, I have a large euphorbia and don,t know how reduce its size



Most Euphorbias have very woody rootstocks. I would try some cuttings at this time of year before trying to divide. Although they bleed sap (wear gloves), some will root fairly easily.

29 Jul, 2013


The sap is a severe irritant and if you get it in your eyes you'll probably have to go to A&E and you'll suffer a lot of pain! Please wear gloves and take care if you are dealing with this plant.

29 Jul, 2013


thanks everyone, I do know about the sap, and I am very careful when removing is a beautiful plant, but it is too large for the area it is in, until someone can tell me that it is likely to survive dividing l will just carry on cutting out some stems.

31 Jul, 2013

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