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My garden was over grown with weeds I cut them all down and cleared them all and layed down alot of composed. How long should I wait to start planting flowers into the ground?



Depends on what the weeds were. Perennial weeds like Ground elder, bindweed, couch grass dandelions etc will just grow back unless you managed to dig out all the roots of them. We have a new area awaiting planting. It was sprayed with weedkiller 2 years ago, dug over when everything seemed to be dead, composted and I notice today that there are couch grass shoots appearing.
I don't suppose you want to wait 2 years for a clean start though.
No answer really. I would wait until Autumn now and clear off any weeds which appear in the mean time. Others may suggest different approaches.

29 Jul, 2013


If you decide to follow Owdboggy's good advice there's nothing to stop you sowing lots of showy easy annuals next year for some colour to tide you over. Any weeds you notice could be removed without it mattering about established plants being disturbed. You could even sow some perennials near the edge of the plot where you could dig them out easily again and move them to permanent positions when you do your final planting.

29 Jul, 2013


I would try a 4 ' square low raised bed placed over black plastic covered with sterilised soil. After 2 years remove the black plastic.

30 Jul, 2013

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