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In an allotment I have just cleared I found a conifer, at least I think its a conifer. I thought it was a stunted Leylandi but its far too short, chap in next garden says its been there 10 yrs at least and so judging by how good this tree looks, if it were Leylandi it would be 20-30 foot high at least. Need a i.d on it please and also the grass and flower growing around it, can you help.




Can we have a closer pic of the conifer please, without the grass being in front of it?

29 Jul, 2013


Camera blurs closer than the shown pics however I shall try, as I took it out of a split pot it came out like this. It has grass which looks ornamental and a plant that flowers round it, looks like, or is similar to alyssum carpet of snow which is I think an annual however I'm no expert so I'm thinking its a perennial flower but again I'm guessing.

29 Jul, 2013


Looks like Leylandii to me, paddling madly!

29 Jul, 2013


It's a Lawson cypress cultivar (chamaecyparis lawsoniana), and there are several yellow forms, so it could be one of many.

30 Jul, 2013


And you've just had rain?!

30 Jul, 2013


Thank you.
Had rain, yes, and it congregates in the one part of the garden where I found this lovely tree, some of the leaves you will notice turn upwards, not something I'm aware of with Leylandi. Any idea on the grass, what is it, for they go well together., so well I'm thinking of giving them a new location in my garden at home, but, the rear of the house is a sun/wind trap and I think this tree may well suffer.What would you advise please.

30 Jul, 2013


The grass looks rather like a threadbare Deschampsia cespitosa. I doubt that the conifer is Leylandii. It could really do with a windbreak and some shade to get established in your sun/wind trap garden.

30 Jul, 2013


Thank you for all [every ones] help, when I have looked at this tree afresh I think it is indeed a C. Lawsoniana. After scanning the internet and looking at this species in depth this tree resembles the Obtusa variety of this tree, its either that or an hybrid, one thing is for sure it looks splendid growing along side that grass, so good I think it deserves a new home.

2 Aug, 2013

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