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Hi, I have been asked about the possibility of successfully relocating a 10m high beech hedge within a garden of a friend, while my immediate thought was it would stand little chance I have seen mature trees this size successfully transplanted by a specialist machine on tv ( i realise a hedge is another matter)and he would be willing to cover the costs.
Obviously a job for winter but any other thoughts or experience on this appreciated.



Well, they can move houses and pubs with the right technology, so why not? It does sound a daunting task though and definitely one for a specialist company. You can only ask and get a quotation. Tell the client to sit down before you give him the price, though.

30 Jul, 2013


10 metres is a huge height for a hedge - did you perhaps mean ten feet? I think the cost would be astronomical to be honest...

30 Jul, 2013


10 metres is almost 33ft!

If 10 ft then what I would do is wait till January, use a digger to trench down each side of the hedge(if possible) and remove 1-2 trees at a time by using a sharpened Mattock (a spade with a pointed tip)and plenty of elbow grease to cut out a rootball. Then transport them to the new, well prepared space. i think they stand a good chance of surviving, esp if you can cut them down by a few ft.

30 Jul, 2013


I have overseen such a project at a landfill site as part of planning requirements. The machine used did move such trees, alders, and field maple on that occasion. Yes, late autumn is the time. Exciting project, and certainly a test of the trees' resilience and your expertise.

30 Jul, 2013


Thanks for reply's so far, it appears on a little research a very few specialist firms do tackle these projects for trees and hedges and claim +90 % success rate even in summer as they are lifted with huge root balls .(yes MG and KM hedge is 10m approx 30ft high).

30 Jul, 2013


All I can say is good luck - and please do a blog on!

30 Jul, 2013


Hedges I would have thought more of a problem than independent trees, the rootball machine gives a giant rootball as it cuts a huge wide deep hole to get as much root as possible, how could it do that within the close confines of a big hedge?

31 Jul, 2013

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