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I've been captivated by members' photographs of iris reticulata and would dearly like to grow some myself to brighten the grey days of winter. I have 2 questions:- 1. does anyone know of a reliable online supplier? 2. Given that every February in this part of the world sees us under about a metre of snow, is it a waste of time to even consider growing them? We have no proper greenhouse, and "sheltered" is a relative term. I wanted to underplant our big cherry tree or plant in containers, but even kept in the summerhouse until the time of flowering, there will be low, low temperatures.



I don't know anyone who dislikes these. Many have difficulty growing them. I found the following link helpful in understanding how they grow
When the subject was brought up 2 -3 years ago Bulbaholic said he had no difficulty in growing them. His advice was to grow them in a sunny well drained spot. I planted subsequent purchases in raised beds and have had them re appear this year. I do not think the snow cover will cause problems because it acts as a blanket to keep plants warm and dry rather than destroy them. From the link above it seems they need sunshine in the summer to help produce the following years blooms. Sorry I do not buy on line but I know Moongrower has recommended good suppliers in the past. If she does not see this Q. maybe you could pm her.

31 Jul, 2013

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