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I have a larch tree that is contorted. When I moved to my new house I took it with me. After a couple of months, I noticed the needle turning brown.It continued until the whole tree is brown.I was told to water it ever day and once a week to give it root starter which is what I'm doing. Its been 2 weeks now and I still don't see any sign of growth. Will it come back and how long will it take?. I dug it up from other house.



Did you dig this tree up or was it in a pot Speedy? I dk what your weather is like but watering every day and feeding root promotor every week sounds a bit excessive to me. The water needs to be getting down to the roots. A length of plastic pipe inserted down to where you would expect to find the roots (ideally plant the pipe with the tree) and water once a week. I have found from experience that a lot but less often is better than a little water given frequently in insufficient amounts. Larch is deciduous maybe it has gone in to hibernation early. There is a disease affecting larch "Phytophthera" it is described on this link.
I use sterilised bone meal when planting to promote root growth - just mix it in to the back fill soil. Some states have advisors who might be able to help you. Do let us know how you get on.

1 Aug, 2013

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