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Hi I have a wall made out of painted and stencilled slabs, wall only 9 feet long x 2 feet high. Sheltered, rich soil, but clay'y. I would like to plant something perennial, hardy, evergreen, colourful cheerful flowers some of the year, about 2 to 2.5 feet high, that does not spread all over the place i.e. not high maintenance. I was thinking of perennial everygreen wallflowers but they do seem expensive for this type. Can anyone suggest anything, or know where I can purchase some inexpensively and how many plants, these or others would be required for the site. Any suggestions welcome, would be most grateful, many thanks, Karen



Have a look at Hebe's there are different sizes , colours and flowers.
Hardy perennials may look nice too look at all the gorgeous Heuchera..........if you put the names in the search box you will be taken to lots of photos and info about them, you can use the alphabet at the bottom too, maybe try B for beds and borders......

2 Aug, 2013


If you can wait you could buy just one or two perennial wallflowers and take lots of cuttings from them.

3 Aug, 2013


Thank you for your answers Pamg and Steragram. Good ideas both. I am going for 2 Hebe's and 2 evergreen perennial wallflowers in between. Will gradually take cuttings of the wallflowers too to increase their numbers. If transpires to be too crowded after a while then I can uplift the Hebe's and re-plant. Looking forward now to this next mini project ! Kind regards, apricot.

5 Aug, 2013

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