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My 3 large pots of cosmos have lovely tall foliage but only one or two flower's per pot the same thing happen last year could it be time to change the compost in the pot's or is there another reason .

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Mine are floweless too at the moment I,m wondering if the position of the pot means they are not getting enough sun?

3 Aug, 2013


I guess you are growing cosmos from seed each year as I only know it as an annual, unless I am wrong and there is a perennial variety? If it is an annual then yes I would say it needs fresh compost each year. I wonder also how well it would be suited to growing in pots as I always plant my cosmos in the open ground where it grows well. Having said that mine have only just started to flower within the last few weeks too so I am sure there is time yet, maybe give them a feed, or would that just encourage more foliage?

3 Aug, 2013


Yes I grow them from seeds and they usually put on a good display but I must admit I have not changed the compost for a few years given the size of the pots so next year I will have to change the compost which is so expensive or plant something that won't mind used compost what do you think I have added a few photo,s to the question for you to see :-) thanks

3 Aug, 2013


Mine in pots aren't flowering yet either,Kidsgran..but the ones in the borders are..The foliage on mine in the pots,isn't as bushy as your's but my,they are tall ! I should have taken the tops out earlier I think..they look out of place with the bedding around them..ah well,I guess they will flower at some point,as will yours :o)

4 Aug, 2013

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