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My daughter has a climbing Iceberg rose which at the moment it is waving about being over eight ft tall, would it be appropriate to prune now and to what height? Thank you.



no prune now -best to do in late march -if for safe,then tie, but if no, hten leeve it to flap bout as htis will stop it snappim

7 Feb, 2010


Isn't it tied into a trellis or fence Val ?

For pruning, as i understand and adopt ...... for the first 3 years you don't prune - you let the plant form the main framework that you want to achieve.
Thereafter you prune, in the summer and after flowering, back to 4" from your main framework/stem.

7 Feb, 2010


Thanks Derekf and Louise, its tied in to a six ft high fence and is spread about the same width but theres a couple of feet waving about at the top ----- hope this makes sense.

7 Feb, 2010


Train those stems horizontally Val, flowers are produced more freely on horizontal ones anyway.

7 Feb, 2010


yes tie the whippy stems in horizontal. as lousie says you get more flowers that way. you also 'recloth' the trellis.

7 Feb, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl.

7 Feb, 2010

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