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Paving for eco-warriors.

These may have been around for a while (I haven't been looking) - made in Canada from recycled tyres.

The finished surface looks a lot like the clay pavers that seem to be taking over the driveways of the UK. They're 18" square and work out at under £30 per square yard (the in-store advertising gives the requirements in metric which isn't particularly helpful and could lead you to buy a lot more than really necessary.




Good idea. I had an aquaintance who wanted to start up a business which shredded old car tyres to use as road surfacing. He spent years trying to get permission to do this (the local council was worried about emissions). He eventually did it and his business is apparently flourishing. I am horrified to see the mountains of old car tyres, especially when they are set fire to and burn for weeks.

4 Aug, 2013


I agree: an excellent use for a waste product!

How stiff and well made are the tiles?

4 Aug, 2013


They seem like a good idea Urbanite. £30 per sq yd does seem a bit on the dear side though. If they are made from recycled rubber I'm assuming that they are quite soft. Is this the case? I was thinking of maybe using something like this to put under a childs garden slide, swing, etc. if they are cushioned then I suppose the price is reasonable if it protects children from serious physical damage.

When I stayed with some friends in Florida, all their neighbours had what looked like red cedar bark chippings around their trees and shrubs. My friend pointed out to me that it was shredded car tyres dyed red. I've never seen this over here and wondered why as it wouldn't rot and last for ever.

4 Aug, 2013


They're quite substantial - probably 3/4" (15-20mm) thick. Easy to handle one but you'd know if you were carrying half a dozen!
They're looked thicker than Granuflex tiles. There's a bit of cushioning in them, so for kids pay areas they're not as hard as falling onto concrete. I thought £30 was reasonable for a product that doesn't need a great deal of skill and no fancy tools (you can cut them with a good knife) and I guess they would last a good few years. They're advertised as being ideal for balconies - not as heavy as ceramic/stone where the weight is important.

I looked on the homebase website but they're not listed (have put another couple of pics in my GOY album with the bar code details)

5 Aug, 2013

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