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I have a couple of questions. Feel free to answer either:

1. What are the best climbers to plant (growing in pots) against a fence and what support do they need?

2. When to hebes start flowering? Mine seems a little late this year.



the climbers depend on personal taste. if the pot is large enough you could have a rose/clematis/honeysuckle/jasmine. as for tying them in you could use trellis or if the fence is structural sound and strong wires & eyes.

Depends on the hebe. some start early in the year others later. did you prune it? is it in a pot or the ground? has it been well watered and fed? sorry lots of questions

4 Aug, 2013


Thank you for the tips on climbers. I have taken note and will keep you posted.

The hebe is Hebe Addenda 'White Princess'. It is in a pot and I haven't pruned it since planting it last year. It has been well watered but maybe not fed as often as it should be. There is a lot of new growth but no sign of flowers.

4 Aug, 2013


According to a site I've looked on the Hebe is due to flower july through to sept. So considering the cold spring and it being early august there is time yet for it to flower.

4 Aug, 2013

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