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By Kasugga

Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Gb

How can I tell if my dwarf apple tree is overwatered or under watered? It's in a pot and it has been allowed to dry out a bit between waterings. My other dwarf fruit trees are doing fine but this one "Golden Delicious" seems to be struggling.
We live close to the north east coast so could it be the salt when the wind is onshore?



On the assumption that the pot has drainage holes, these are not blocked, and there's no outer tray which prevents free drainage, it's impossible to overwater. Any excess will simply drain away, so don't keep it short of water. If this particular tree is in a position different from that of the others you have, and is more exposed to salt spray, yes, that will have a big negative impact on it.

4 Aug, 2013


Bamboo, thanks for the reply.
I've just had a light bulb moment. I've remembered that when the trees were delivered the roots of the others were quite well developed and at this one had barely any. This could be why it hasn't grown much whereas the rest are going great guns.
I'll get on to the seller to let them know.
At least I'm not doing anything wrong.
Thanks again.

6 Aug, 2013

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