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I have a number of different fuchsias, but I have noticed on some of them mainly, Swingtime & Pink Galore, there are rather ugly brown markings on the sepals, even before it opens, is this a desease, or hot weather/water or just a blemish through watering.
Thank you
Colin. N. Lincolnshire



Usually, with fuchsias, it's the leaves which suffer from fungal infection. Certainly the flowers can bruise quite easily when in bud, if knocked about, because they're so heavy, especially the larger flowered varieties like the two you have. If they're in a windy spot, that's a possibility. They prefer a little shelter from the hottest sun and protected from drying winds. My brother used to show them and kept his best plants in light dappled shade, very sheltered, but they were his very best ones!

5 Aug, 2013


Can I ask if you've been watering your fuchsias in the evening rather than in the morning, or giving them a really good soak at the end of the day?

5 Aug, 2013


I to water my fuchsias in early morning.

5 Aug, 2013

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